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I've been an Independent Avon Sales Representative in Casper Wyoming since 1984. I'd be happy to drop a book off for you - just give me a call!


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It all started with the Ancient Egyptians who first wore paints as a method of protecting their skin from the sun. The skin painting later became a way of separating social classes. Little did they know what they had started.

Putting color on the face evolved over the years until it became a way of life for women of all ages, and a winning business venture for a man by the name of David McConnell. In the late eighteen hundreds, Mr. McConnell could be found going form door-to-door selling books in order to make a living. He gave his female customers samples of perfumes, and it was these samples that ended up changing his life forever. One day he finally realized that the women liked the perfume samples better than they liked his books. This realization inspired Mr. McConnell. And, in 1886, Mr. McConnell and his wife Lucy started the California Perfume Company. Th company's first product was called the Little Dot Perfume Set, and it contained five different fragrances.

Mr. McConnell and his wife found that they needed help to sell their perfume early in their venture, so they hired on Mrs. P.F.E. Albee as their first saleslady. Mrs. Albee had earlier helped Mr. McConnell in selling his books. Mrs. Albee went from door to door selling the Little Dot Perfume Set, and she signed up even more women as salesladies for the California Perfume Company.

As the company became even more successful, and made more money, Mr.McConnell added on even more products and even had a catalog of all the available products printed up. Fifty-one years after its intial start up, in 1937, Mr. McConnell passed away and left the company to his son, David McConnell, Jr. The younger McConnell renamed the company Avon Products. He too worked and strived to build the company into a bigger and more successful venture than his father had already made it.

Today, Avon Products, Incorporated manufactures and sells its complete line of cosmetics and perfumes, just like its founder did over a hundred years ago. In its growth, Avon Products has added on a line of jewelry, clothing, and deocrative items, as well as items that one can use around the house and in the auto as well. The company became incorporated in 1916 and later went public with its valuable stocks.

Avon is a familiar name across the United States and all over the wide world too. As of September of 1999, the company's revenues raised 9 per cent. Its net income raised 82 per cent. The company grew to sell its products internationally. The company had sales of over five billion dollars in 1999. Its Chief Executive Officer, forty year old Andrea Jung, earned 2.4 million dollars that year. Its total number of independent representatives now totals about three million men and women in the entire world. More than 95 per cent of its representatives work for Avon on a part-time basis. Avon Products are sold through its representatives, via the Internet, and in some department stores. Its products can be seen in nearly every home across the United States as well as in many countries.

Among the top sellers of beauty products, Avon Products continues to increase its product lines, promote its products, and grow bigger every year. It also aids the economy by employing over forty thousand in its many offices across the world in 1999.

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2002 Bobbie's Avon Corner

Bobbie Hill is an Authorized Avon Dealer
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