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My name is Ginger and I am a digital artist. I started RatGRAPHICS, a virtual freelance business, in 1996. "Beyond the Mouse" was the original catch phrase, since I use my mouse so extensively. Nope, no pet rats here! I gradually made the transition to web design as many in my field have and I enjoy it immensely. My designs are built from the ground up, customized to fit your company and your specifications.  I give each project my undivided attention.

I do not use templates that require you to fit your information and graphics into predetermined layouts. I create a custom site that satisfies your specific requirements. All web packages offered are only suggested guidelines. I will create  Custom slide shows, screen savers, animations, banners, logos; whatever you need to give your site a professional look.   

Whatever your needs are, large or small, contact me and I will be happy to discuss your new site!

Thank You!

Ginger Bea Ludtke


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