Posting to Facebook

If you use social media at ALL, you know it can become an enormous black hole of wasted time. And you also know there are many automation tools out there to help alleviate this problem. Among the most popular are those that automatically post your tweets & updates across multiple platforms. FriendFeed, and many Facebook-specific apps all are examples.

The big problem with these, however, is that you probably tweet a lot more often than you do anything else. And neither your Facebook friends, nor Facebook itself, will like it if you post 25 updates a day, that all came automatically from Twitter.

So my favorite tool to automatically cross-promote my tweets and updates is Selective Twitter Status. I LOVE it for this one reason: it allows you to selectivelycross-promote your updates. You can now twitter away to your heart’s content, knowing that only a select few of your tweets will make it to your Facebook wall. Thank goodness! We all know how annoying it is when someone’s Facebook wall is filled with their RT’s and #FF’s ;-)

To get the tool to go Facebook and do a search under Applications for Selective Twitter Status. In the lower left hand corner of any Facebook page, click on Apps and then select Browse Apps. It’s an easy one-click install to add it to your Facebook wall.

Now whenever you tweet something that you also want on Facebook, simply add “#FB” to the end of your tweet. Twitter and Facebook talk to each other, and this tweet will appear on your Facebook wall as an update. The hash tag won’t show up in the Facebook update, by the way!



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